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Taylor Melrose is a cosmetics, wash and moisturizer brand that exists in spaces between gender, ethnicity and humanity. Our products utilize the best ingredients and recyclable materials in order to liver our slogan: feel the difference. Beauty products should be healthful to bring out the true radiance of all people and all skin tones for a better world.

Taylor Melrose was initiated in 2019 after I and my team led the development and launch of a skincare line for an internationally recognized athletics and fitness personality. With backgrounds in corporate gifting, design and formulation, we leveraged our network and sourcing channels to deliver a superior product at a better price. What we could do for others, we knew we could do under our own brand.

Part of the vision was to see if we could do the things we wanted with formulation, using all organic or sustainably sourced ingredients. In our branding we wanted to develop a simple clean look including bottle design and labeling that speaks to elegance and lifestyle.  We wanted a product that would appeal and serve a diverse audience often unrepresented in mass market offerings. We wanted to produce a beauty line to serve people across genders and identities. Lastly, we wanted to produce and distribute the product at reasonable cost to the customer.


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