About Me

I have outstanding experience in building brands that are finding their first voice, that need to make a course correction, or that require a wholesale turnaround. With a full complement of in-house strategist, designer and web developer, I have the talent and experience necessary to help you build market share and accelerate growth.

Designing a brand identity that’s both functional and fun is no walk in the park, but as your creative team I implement a tried-and-true design process that transforms brand identity from a concept to a visual experience. Whether you’re building your brand from scratch or shaking things up, I will make sure you’re unforgettable.

Logo and Beyond. Don’t get me wrong, I love logo design—but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. When you’re aiming for unforgettable, you need a visual foundation that goes beyond a symbol. What color palette emanates the confidence of your brand? What typography best matches your message? I’ll help you build a personality that’s visible in every aspect of your brand.